History Of Abbey Gardens

Dave History   Nancy History

What once began as "Springhill Iris Gardens", a small hobby garden in New Jersy expanded almost exponentially when Dave retired and moved to Mt. Angel, Oregon.  The move from a 1/4 acre parcel in a housing development to a ful acre with all sorts of room was like manna from heaven.  "Dave's Iris Patch" was the result and remained that way until 1993, the year before the AIS National Convention in Portland when it was renamed "Abbey Gardens" in honor of the 100 year old Benedictine Abbey located in Mt. Angel.

Abbey Gardens
Abbey Gardens moved from Mt. Angel to Mollalla, Oregon in 1994.  Although this is a five acre property, only about one acre is used for iris cultivation.  Rest of the property is used by a neighbor for growing hay as cattle feed. 

Nancy joined Dave in Molalla in 2003, leaving her garden named Orphan Alley in Kansas.

As iris hobbyists, they grow their favorite varieties and have ventured into a hybridizing program as time allows.

Dave is a retired pharmacist and Nancy is a retired Medical Technologist.
Dave and Nancy

Fussing with iris Dave enjoys all classes and varieties of iris.  Above he picks a couple miniature dwarf iris called Western Circle (Willott '93) in mid-April. 

Nancy enjoys Tall Bearded iris and the Spuria more than other varieties. 

Dave is a Master Iris Judge and Nancy is a Garden Iris Judge.  Dave is also a Master Gardener, enjoying a wide variety of annuals and perenials.

Dave poses in the Abbey Bed of Abbey Gardens.  These are his introduced tall bearded iris. 

There are a few Historic Iris also planted in this bed.  Dave still loves his historic iris, but no longer has a large collection of historic iris plants.
Abbey Bed

Power Bed
Since both Dave and Nancy are retired now, they like spending leisure time in the garden.  When works gets a bit too much or too hot in the summer, a minutes sitting in the shade is  welcome.  Dave and Nancy are still very busy, even in retirement, in the iris world.  Currently, Dave has taken on the task of AIS Librarian and Nancy tries her hand at some iris web sites.  Both are active in different iris societies.