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Dot and Dash Dot and Dash (Hall, 1960) was the very first expensive iris that Dave purchased.

His wife Elaine was "not too happy" with the fact that he paid $3.50 for one (1) iris!  The total purchase of that first expenditure was $11.00 for a total fo 13 rhizomes.

Two years later, Elaine had no difficulty spending $25.00 for one (1) rhizome of Stepping Out (Shreiners, 1964) !!!

The iris in the photo is Dot and Dash.

Dave is lining out his seedlings in his friend's (Frank Jones) garden Princeton, New Jersey suburb. 

Both Dave and Elaine were hybridizers, but Elaine did not claim fame to all of her crosses.  She crossed and introduced Strawberry Field.
Dave grubby state

seedling evaluation Elaine, a great Iris Judge, is evaluating Dave's current seedling crop.
Sons Bruce (left) and Don (right) with family pet Monty, an AKC obedience champion.

Dave, Elaine and sons lived in Howell, New Jersey for 17 years.  Bruce and family now reside in Ocean, New Jersey.  Don and wife live in Winter Springs, Florida.
Bruce - Don - Monty

Morgan Wood Medal Dave has been a member of AIS for over 45 years.  During this time, he has been RVP of Region 19 (New Jersey), a most active member of HIPS (Historic Iris Preservation Society), and an AIS accredited Master Judge.


The Ira Wood Medal for Siberian irises was awarded for the first time at the Tulsa Convention in 1980.  This medal goes to the winner of the Morgan Award, an award which has heretofore been accompanied only by a certificate.

This iris portrayed on the medal is WHITE SWIRL, which is in the ancestry of man fine present-day Siberian irises.  Ira Wood's only named iris, ONG'S HAT, has WHITE SWIRL as a parent.

The medal, sponsored jointly by Region 19 and The Society fo Siberian Irises, was awarded at Tulsa not only to William McGarvey for his iris AUGURY, of the Morgan Award, but also to all living members of the Morgan Award in past years.

Show here are Elizabeth Wood and Region 19 RVP David Silverberg during the award ceremony.  The obverse and reverse of the medal are also illustrated; the winner's name is engraved on the reverse.

Text taken from the Bulletin of the American Iris Society, November 238, July 1980, p. 44.

Convention Beds
Dave remarried to Nancy Thomson from Canada.  They worked many hours preparing for the 1994 AIS National Convention in Portland.

There were five (5) buses of Convention guests at one time in the driveway.  Don't see that every day in a small town like Mt. Angel!

Nancy and Gloria Nancy Silverberg (right) and her friend
Gloria McMillan from Canada.

Silverber - Post Conv 94
Post Convention guests -- Ron and Anna Mae Miller with host Dave and Nancy Silverberg.

Salmon and Family
Besides Dave's love of iris, his other passion is fishing.  These two hobbies could be enjoyed in Oregon; thus, the move from New Jersey.

Daughter-in-law, Carrie, a non-fisherman, caught the fish that Dave is holding.  Also holding their catch are sons Don (next to Carrie) and Bruce.  The largest fish caught weighed in at 43 1/2 pounds.

Happy Fisherman Salmon- Dave
Chinook salmon filet in the raw were caught in Tillamook Bay, Oregon.

Abbey Garden 02 In 1994, Dave and Nancy moved from Mt. Angel to a larger property in Molalla, Oregon.

Shortly after moving to what was to be a commercial iris garden, Nancy was diagnosed with terminal cancer.