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Nancy was born on a small farm
southwest of Garden City, Kansas.

There were wheat field, cattle,
pheasants, and sunflowers -- but no iris.

High school and college years were spent
in Garden City and Emporia, Kansas.

After college, she moved to Kansas City
to complete an intership in
Medical Technology.
Outstanding in Fields

Employment for the next 30 years was again in southwestern Kansas, primarily at St. Catherine Hospital (now a part of Catholic Health Initiative - CHI), in Garden City and Bob Wilson Memorial Hospital, in Ulysses. Then from 2004 to 2013, Nancy worked at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in Porland, Oregon. Nancy retired in 2013 after 40 years working on the laboratory bench. St. Catherine was a 100 bed hospital, Bob Wilson was about 30 beds, and OHSU was over 500 beds. So, Nancy got to work in a very small to a very large hospital; each with different aspects.
CHI hospital BWM hospital OHSU campus
St. Catherine Hospital
Garden City, KS
Bob Wilson Memorial
Ulysses, KS
Portland, OR

Lab flasks microsopes spurfette
Forty years ago, many tests were done using chemicals and test tubes.
Today the tests are automated and very expensive.
Nancy spent many years looking through a microsope looking a "bugs", blood cells. and tissues from surgery. At BWM hospital, they dressed up in Halloween costumes to celebrate the Holiday. This is Nancy dressed as Spurfette.

OHSU - Dillihut OHSU - sculpture OHSU - bridge
At OHSU, Nancy worked the night shift in Chemistry and Transfusion Services.
She was on the 4th floor
of this building.
This is one of the
Sculptures on the
OHSU campus.
This is an indoor walking bridge at OHSU connecting parking and the hospital. It is one of the largest bridges built in the USA.

In 1973, Nancy and her husband, Edward Baier, purchased a first home from a George with the house number 1016. In 1993, Nancy had remarried to Tom Price and she purchased a home on George street with a house number 1610. Then in 2003, she sold here home to a man named George so to move to Molalla, Oregon to be with Dave Silverberg. This was not a first coincidence related to this home. It was later that Nancy learned that the home was previously owned by a past president of the Garden City Area Iris Club and had moved to Nancy street.

There was only one iris on the property when Nancy moved into her last home in Kansas. It was a yellow iris with unknown name. Later she was to get her first iris named Oka Kala which is a yellow iris.

Other iris were obtained, but none had names. Many of these "orphan" iris became favorites. A few years later, more named varieties were purchased from Schreiner's Gardens. Grass was dug and the orphans were moved to the alley. Thus, she named her garden -- Orphan Alley.
Ola Kala

Nancy and her husband were blessed with a daughter, Sheila, who now lives near Wichita, Kansas. Through these years Nancy never grew many plants, including the iris flower, until about 1993. Then she began growing many different perenials.

blessing tree 02 Everytime Nancy planted
a new tree, she had to ask her daughter Sheila to
bless it so it would grow. Trees are in short supply
in Kansas compared to
lots of trees in Oregon.

Sheila was a good
sport about doing
this ritual.
blessing tree 03

Ophan Alley - back yard
Above is a section of the Orphan Alley Garden in the back yard.

In 1997, Nancy's love of iris led her to other activities. A co-worker invited her to an iris show, and afterwards to a large garden display -- with a Nancy Street address. The next year, she attended this same show, and afterwards looked forward to seeing the garden again. But the garden was gone. Later she learned the owner had died. His name was Keith Fillmore -- the president of the GCAIC (Garden City Area Iris Club).

Nancy's activities associated with iris included joining GCAIC and serving as president, serving as Director on Region 18 board, gaining accreditation as AIS Judge, and learning to design and publish a region web site with FrontPage2000 software.

Sheila and Nancy To be a better web designer, Nancy decided to take her own photographs at a National Convention in Dallas, Texas, in 2000.

Her daughter Sheila (Baier) Kinkelaar (pictured to the left) joined her. They met many new irisarians and attended several session at the convention.

Among the new acquaintance, Sheila met Pete DeSantis from California. Nancy and Sheila both knew at this time that Sheila would be moving to California to live with her boyfriend Kevin Kinkelaar.

Also among the new acquaintances, Nancy met Dave Silverberg. Later, by email, Dave offered a few Historic Iris to add to her collection. Nancy named this bed the Georgetown Historic Bed on George Street (shown below).

Ophan Alley - historic bed

Dave in Memphis After an extensive two year correspondence by email, Dave and Nancy met again in Memphis, Tennessee at another National Iris Convention.

Their friendship blossomed. One year later, Nancy judged her first iris Exhibition in Oregon while visiting.

In July, 2003, she moved to Molalla, Oregon to live with Dave.

A few years later, Nancy became a Grandma to Sheila's first born daughter -- Liindsey Raven. Then about three years later, there was a second grandchild born, another girl named -- Laney Jane. Now Sheila, Kevin, Lindsey, and Laney live in Valley Center just North of Wichita, Kansas. Nancy and Dave try to visit them once a year. Below is a three generation picture of the girls.

three generations