Not So Fun Stuff

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How and Why is it so that humans continually believe in utopia?!
Similarly - why do so many believe that "Iris Heaven" is without fault?!
We would like to share a few "Not So Fun" stuff in "Iris Heaven."

Nancy was told by her significant other and several new friends that it NEVER snows in the Portland, Oregon area. This is NOT true. It just does not snow as often, but there seems to be at least one or two times of snow and then much ice. The fog happens often.

Truth is, it snows infrequently in Molalla. Portland does receive over 40" of rainfall annually. There are many days of foggy weather, and a few weeks of icy conditons.

Wind is much less than the Kansas Tornadoes.

From early July to mid-September, the rains stop almost totally. Temperatures will be in the upper 90s and low 100s for 2 - 3 weeks.

To the Right - photo of snow stomr in 2004.
Abbey Snow

gopher Photo to the Left:
A Pocket Gopher.

There are many of these
"critters" in Oregon.
They love to eat iris.

Dave is in training --
hoping to receive his
"Critter Control"
licensure soon.

Photo to the Right:
A Mole.

There are many of these
"critters" in Oregon, also.
They do NOT eat iris.
Instead, they are carnivorous
and eat worms and grubs.

Our "Critter Control" expert
will share more information
later on this web site.

slug Photo to the Left:

Nancy did not have
problems with gophers,
moles, or slugs in

Oregon iris faniciers deal
with these "critters"
every day.