Other Iris

Siberian Iris

Any iris with the Hybridizer S/S means Schafer/Sacks

Banish Misfortune Butter And Sugar Dance Ballerina Dance Here Be Dragon
Banish Misfortune, Sib S/S '99 Butter And Sugar, Sib McEwen '76 Dance Ballerina Dance, Sib Varner '83 Here Be Dragons, Sib S/S '03

High Standards
Indy Jeweled Crown Just Crusing
High Standards, Sib Hollingworth '87 Indy, Sib Hollingworth '85 Jeweled Crown, Sib Hollingworth '85 Just Cruising, Sib S/S '01
Louison Pas De Deux Pink Haze Rill
Louison, Sib Helsley '98 Pas-De-Deux, Sib Hollingworth '88 Pink Haze, Sib McGarvey '80 Rill, Sib Bellagamba '92
Salamander Crossing Shaker's Prayer Strawberry Fair Sultan's Ruby
Salamander Crossing, Sib S/S '99 Shaker's Prayer, Sib Warner '90 Strawberry Fair, Sib Hollingworth '94 Sultan's Ruby, Sib Hollingworth '88
Tiffany Lass Tom Schafer Uncorked Where Eagles Dare
Tiffany Lass, Sib McEwen '90 Tom Schafer, Sib S/S '00 Uncorked, Sib S/S '02 Where Eagles Dare, Sib Helsley '95

Louisiana Iris
LA - my cow To the Left is a thumbnail of my Louisiana bog in Kansas. I used lots of manure and put a cow on the rock to remind me of this experience. This bed is what it looked like right after planting. The iris grew fast and below is a picture of the bog with iris one year later. Iris stalks were as tall as the surrounding fence. We do not grow Louisiana Iris in our garden, but they do grow well in Oregon.
Bog - Year One Ann Chowiing Black Gamecock Marie Caillet
Louisaina Bog - Year One Ann Chowning, LA Chowning '77 Black Gamecock, LA Chowning '82 Marie Caillet, LA Conger '60

Japanese Iris
Ji Ensat Mix 01 JI Ensata Mix 02 Ensata Mix Photo
In Kansas, I wanted to try growing a lot of different kinds of iris, but did not think I could grow Japanes. But I was browsing through a commercial flower magazine and found an advertizement for an Ensata Mix. I purchased this and planted them into a border. It was a knee high growing plant and looked very nice for me. Above is a picture of my border and also an individual thumbnail picture of an individual bloom. We do not grow Japanese in our garden, but they grow very well in Oregon.
Absalom's Treachery Sheba's Jewel Silent Tears Turkist Heart
Absalom's Treachery, AB McGrath '98 Sheba's Jewel, AB Shockey '94 Silent Tears, AB Peterson '91 Turkist Heart, AB Shockey '90
In Kansas, I wanted to grow most kinds of iris for the experience. I thought I could grow Aril-bred iris in Kansas since we were hot and dry. I ordered a few and planted them in a mix of sand (gotten from the local sand pit) and clay soil. I made raised beds for them also. The next year I was blessed with gorgeous blooms. See the pictures above. I could not bring them to Oregon with me and occasionally we will grow an Aril-bred iris along with our tall bearded iris.

Pseudacorus and Versicolor Iris

 I'm putting Pseudacorus (Ps.) and Versicolor (Vers.) Iris together because they have similar growing requirements. They love water. But be careful of Pseudacorus because it can take over and be a monster to remove. I grew a couple Versicolors in Kansas. I had a small raised planted in front of my front porch and the iris survived quite nicely. I did not pamper them at all. I just watered them weekly as I did everything other plant in the garden. We have a pond that fills with rain water all winter long. Our "wild" Pseudacorus love it there. We do nothing to encourage their growth.
Krill Roy Davidson Roy's Repeater Berlin Tiger
Krill, Ps Copeland '00 Roy Davidson, Ps Hager '87 Roy's Repeater, Ps Aitken '02 Berlin Tiger, Ps Tamberg '90
Cat Mousam China West Lake Mint Fresh Wild Wine
Cat Mousam, Vers Warburton '85 China West Lake, Vers Waddick '96 Mint Fresh, Vers Warburton '83 Wild Wine, Vers
Sindt '84

Pacific Coast Iris

Pacific Coast Iris (PCI) can not be grown everywhere. Matter of fact, if you don't live in the coastal area, you might not be able to purchase any plants. We used to grow a couple of plants in the shade of the trees. They make a nice fountain foliage and work well with other plants in a perenial shade setting. We no longer grow any PCN in our garden. These pictue are for your enjoyment only. The colors are fabulous when in bloom.

Big Wheel Gold Dusted Hidden Asset
Big Wheel, PCI Ghio '82 Gold Dusted, PCI Jenkins '90 Hidden Asset, PCI Meek '03
Mayor Munras Simply Wild
Mayor, PCI Ghio '77 Munras, PCI Ghio '88 Simply Wild, PCI Ghio '81
Tractor at Woodburn
This was a lovely scene in a shopping mall at Woodburn, Oregon. There is obviously the orange tulips. Then a nice border of red flowers. But I needed a closer look at the yellow flowers. They are Iris bucarica. There is another thumbnail picture below.
I bucarica Iris bucarica is NOT a bulbous iris. It is Juno iris. We have grown Juno iris in Oregon.

I douglasiana 01 I douglasiana 03 I foetidissima
Iris douglassiana - clump
mixed with hosta
Iris douglassiana -
single blossom
Iris foetidissima - a clump of this plant looks nice mixed in a perenial bed also

I japonica To the left is Iris japonica. It is a beautiful flower but somewhat difficult to grow. Might need to bring in inside for the winter months. We have not had much luck growing this species.

Berlin Challenger Berliner Reisen I setosa
Berlin Challenger
This is a Sibtosa
Berliner Reisen
This is a Sino-Siberian
This is an Iris setosa

Snakehead iris 03 Snakehead iris 09 To the left are two photos of a Snakehead Iris.  We have a massive planting in one of our perenial beds.  It blooms in February.  We save seeds each year for the SIGNA seed exchange.

Gladiola To the left is a photo of Gladiola and to the right is an allium.  Both are in the same Family as the iris. allium