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There are plenty of sites to see in Oregon. We've only ventured into a few areas of the State. We will share a few photographs with you. Sorry to say, we cannot give you a full grasp of what all there is to see and do in Oregon.

Right at home we have at the edge of the large city of Molalla, population of about 6,000, we have a skydiving school. Many a day we will be working in the garden and hear the plane take off, then a few minutes later we will hear the opening of the first parachute. We will look up and see from one skydiver to about 8 - 10 at a time jumping. We still watch them as they descend.

My daughter skydived when she lived in California. These pictures are her taking the risk.

skydiving 01 skydiving 02 skydiving 03 skydiving 04
Leaving the Plane Free Falling Parachute Opening Enjoying the Experience

Molalla Indian To the Left is a Molalla Indian. You can read more about this tribe at the Molalla Indian Address.

Dave occasionally finds arrowheads and spear points in the garden.

Molalla goes all out on the Fourth of July. The close down the main street -- Hiway 211 -- for over two hours. The day begins with a Parade, then food at the Catholic Church, and a Rodeo in the evening with fireworks at the close. Of course there are the residents shooting off their fireworks. Fourth of July Parade

rodeo 01 rodeo 02 rodeo 03

deer in oregon In Oregon, we have LOTS of wild blackberry bushes. Deer love to hide away in these thickets and in the woodlands.

We have an area close to the home where there resides a doe who often has two fawn that follow her around. They have been known to travel into our garden. What a sight to watch grazing.

oregon map Oregon Coast Highway
While Dave and I were courting, I made a trip see Dave in Oregon. We spent three days traveling from Molalla to the Oregon Coast, heading south from Tillamook to Florence and then back home. It was a pleasurable trip and a good way to relieve some stress from the hospital work environment. We will share a few of those sites with you.

Chinook Salmon is only one variety of Salmon. Chinoo - boats Chinook in Steam Chinook - caught
Fishing boats Chinook in stream Chinook - caught
Chinook - spawning Chinook - male Chinook - steaks Chart House
Chinook - spawning Chinook - male Chinook - Salmon Steaks Chinook - Salmon steaks for dining
Dave moved to Oregon to fish and to grow iris flowers. He hired guides for the salmon fishing and often went to the Tillamook Bay area and fished from a boat. Some of his pictures can be seen on the Dave History page of this web site. Dave lets me know that the Chinook male has a "hook" on his nose and turns pink when he enters fresh water.

We love to eat at the Chart House on Terwilliger in Portland, Oregon. They have sea food on their menu and a nice view of the mighty Columbia River.
Tillamook Chees Factory We went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, in Tillamook, Oregon. They process a large amount of cheese which we can purchase at our local grocery. It was fun to watch the laborers working the equipment. And it was especially fun to taste the cheese after the tour of the factory.

Next, we traveled to Lincoln City. This town is noted for its large Casino with gambling and entertainment. It is only one Casino in Oregon. Black Jack Table Craps table in Casino
Blackjack Table Craps Table in Casino
Dave and I are not gamblers, so we did not lose much money. We mostly played the slot machines. Most of the blackjack tables started at $100 minimum bid which was more than we wanted to lose.
Oregon Coast The next day we spent more time on the beach getting our feet wet in the Pacific Ocean and getting sand in our toes.

These rock formations along the Hi Way 101 are called "Hay stacks" because they look like a farmer's hay stack. Some of them can be quite large and were formed with the thawing of the earth after the Ice Age.

We traveled farther south on Hiway 101 and stopped in Newport for a visit at the sea world and aquarium.
jelly fish at aquarium aquarium sea lion
Jelly fish in Aquarium Aquarium of fish Sea Lion

Even farther south, we stopped in Florence and saw the Sea Lions Cave. During the summer, you can see them laying along the Coastal shore line. In the winter, they move into the cave. It is a most unpleasant scent, but worth the visit.
sea lion 01 sea lion cave 02 sea lion cave 03
Sea lions along coast Sea lions Cave Sea lions on rocks

Heceta Head Lighthouse This is the Heceta Head Lighthouse. There are several different web sites which share information about the restoration of this important light house.

There is also a bed and breakfast close by. The walk around this area is well worth the time it takes.

And our trip on Hiway 101 ended with the Pitcher Plants. These plants are similar to the Venus Fly Trap plant in that it also eats living critters such as ants and butterflies.

Pitcher Plant - closed Pitcher Plant - red pitcher plant 02 pitcher plant and Versicolor
Pitcher Plant - closed Red Pitcher Plant Pitcher Plant
in the Wild
Pitcher Plant
with Iris Versicolor

Another trip we took was when my daughter Sheila came for a visit. We traveled east instead of west to the Pacific coast area. We saw Multomah Falls and the Columbia River areas.

Multnomah Falls Colombia River Bonnevile Locks and Dam
Multnomah Falls
Nancy Price and Sheila
Columbia River
Nancy and Sheila
Locks and Dam

A trip Dave took with his immediate family was to Mt. Hood. Many of people travel this area, to Timberline Lodge and Mt. Hood Meadows to ski during the winter months. There are others who come to the mountain to climb. Some have lost their lives to Mt. Hood. I've put some hyperlinks into the text. I will not guarantee those sites will always be available AND there are many other sites you might want to visit.

mt hood - chart house Mt hood - Ross island mt hood - terwilliger
Mt. Hood from
The Chart House
Mt Hood from
Ross Island Bridge
Mt Hood from
Terwilliger Blvd.

When Greater Portland Iris Society (GPIS) hosted a National Convention, Rita Gormley wanted to go to Mt. St. Helens. So Rita and Tom, Nancy and Dave, and Larry and Judy Nunn took two cars and headed North. Larry is a pilot and was flying over the volcano when it began to erupt.

Mt St Helens from Terwilliger This is a picture taken on Terwilliger Blvd. Notice Mt. St. Helen in the distance under the tree branch. And also notice that this mountain (volcano) has a flat top. It was not always flat. It used to have a peak until the volcano erupted.

mt st helen - before mt st helens - during mt st helens - after
Mt. St. Helens
before eruption
Mt. St. Helens
during the eruption
Mt. St. Helens
after eruption

Yes, there are many sites to see in Oregon and this web site only gives you a small taste of what there is to see. Willamette Valley in Oregon, west of the Cascades, is fertile soil for many plants that are purchased throughout the United States. There are literally fields of different flowers, trees, shrubs, and fruits. Oregon does grow some wheat and there are a few dairy farms, but we will leave the wheat and cattle business to the Kansans.
Tulips - wood shoe Peony - Adelman Dahlia - Swan Lake
Tulips at Wooden Shoe Peony at Adelman Dahlia at Swan Island

filbert tree filbert trees hops
Filbert Trees Filbert Trees Hops

schreiner garden schreiner garden There are other iris gardens in Oregon:

Keith Keppel
Larry Lauer
Wildwood Gardens
Mt. Pleasant
Snowpeak Iris
and others
Schreiner Gardens -
East Bed
Schreiner Gardens -
in the Field

strawberries We can eat our weight in strawberries each year. The best season lasts for 2 -3 weeks and the fruit is wonderful. There are several varieties and the hyperlink above will tell you more.

Berries -- Berries -- Berries
Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberries, Blueberry

strawberry picking strawberry picking 02 blueberries
Strawberry Picking More strawberry pickiing And Blueberries

vineyard vineyard 02
Grape Vineyards can be seen through the Willamette Valley in Oregon. The photos above are only a small sampling. Some of the nicest sights are around Dundee, Oregon. One of the closer vineyards to us is St. Josef's winery in Canby, Oregon with Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.

Grapes Stomping of the grapes
Grapes Stomping of the Grapes at St. Josef's winery

Barrel Tasting of wine Wine
Barrel Tasting of Wine
There are many fine vineyards in Oregon.
And the final product -- The Wine

hot air balloon
There are Hot Air Balloon Rides in Medford, Tigard, Sherwood, and Portland
There are also rides in Salem, Oregon, There are probably others that I don't know about.

Dancing at octoberfest To the Left are children dancing at the annual Octoberfest in Mt. Angel, Oregon.

BUT - they don't even know what a good German Octoberfest is. They do not serve Bierocks in Oregon. Most Oregonians don't even know what they are. Germans in SW Kansas sure do appreciate this treat.

Conestoga Wagon oregon trail
Conestoga Wagon Oregon Trail

There is a lot more of Oregon that you did not get to see. I'm going to finish this page with the Oregon Trail Visitation Center in Oregon City. This is the end of the Oregon Trail and so ends this page of this web site. Hope you had a nice tour.