Favorite Spuria Photographs

Abalone Pearl Adriatic Blue Air Affair Always A Mystery
Abalone Pearl, Spu
Cadd '05
Adriatic Blue, Spu
Niswonger '96
Air Affair, Spu
Cadd '08
Always A Mystery, Spu
Cadd '02

Amber Gleam Barbaras Belize Blue Bunting
Amber Gleam, Spu
Jenkins '93
Barbara's Kiss, Spu
McCown '82
Belize, Spu
Simonet '67
Blue Bunting, Spu
Niswonger '84

BLueberry Sundae Breezy Day Butter Ripples Chocolate Dreams
Blueberry Sundae, Spu
Niswonger '00
Breezy Day, Spu
Cadd '04
Butter Ripples, Spu
Jenkins '98
Chocolate Dreams, Spu
Cadd '05

Chocolate Fudge Color Focus Elfin Sunshine Golden Ducat
Chocolate Fudge, Spu
Niswonger '88
Color Focus, Spu
Jenkins '06
Elfin Sunshine, Spu
Jenkins '98
Golden Ducat, Spu
Cadd '04

Golden Lady Honey Mocha Lotta Kiss Of Caramel Lemon Suntea
Golden Lady, Spu
Combs '58
Honey Mocha Lotta, Spu
Walker '06
Kiss Of Caramel, Spu
Cadd '02
Lemon Suntea, Spu
Cadd '04

Lemon Tower Lilting Lavender Line Dancing Madam Lynn
Lemon Tower, Spu
Walker '08
Lilting Lavender, Spu
Aitken '10
Line Dancing, Spu
Jenkins '07
Madam Lynn, Spu
Walker '07

Mahongany Lord Media Luz Midrib Magic Missouri Iron Ore
Mahongany Lord, Spu
Blyth '93
Media Luz, Spu
Hager '68
Midrib Magic, Spu
Shepard '99
Missouri Iron Ore, Spu
Niswonger '97

Moonlight Shy Neon Camel Northern Muse Oregon Cream
Moonlight Shy, Spu
Cadd '02
Neon Camel, Spu
Walker '05
Norhern Muse, Spu
Walker, M '85
Oregon Cream, Spu
Walker '08

Out Of Dreams Poet's Love Rain Music Red War Clouds
Out Of Dreams, Spu
Cadd '04
Poet's Love, Spu
Blyth '03
Rain Music, Spu
Niswonger '01
Red War Clouds, Spu
Walker '10

Red Won Rememberiing Vic Rhett's Surprise Ruffled Canary
Red Won, Spu
Jenkins '07
Remembering Vic, Spu
Walker '05
Rhett's Surprise, Spu
Jenkins '06
Ruffled Canary, Spu
McCown '70

Saint Patrick's Gold Salmon Sunset Shelford Giant Solar Fusion
Saint Patrick's Gold, Spu
Cadd '03
Salmon Sunset, Spu
Walker '07
Shelford Giant, Spu
Foster '13
Solar Fusion, Spu
Walker '05

Soul Therapy Speeding Star Star Rider Steeley Eyes
Soul Therapy, Spu
Cadd '04
Speeding Star, Spu
Cadd '02
Star Rider, Spu
Cadd '03
Steely Eyes, Spu
Walker '06

Sultan's Sash Under The Rainbow Upon A Harp Whitewater River
Sultan's Sash, Spu
Niswonger '90
Under The Rainbow, Spu
Cadd '08
Upon A Harp, Spu
Blyth '00
Whitewater River, Spu
Niswonger '01

Wild At Heart Zulu Chief
Wild At Heart, Spu
Blyth '99
Zulu Chief, Spu
Jenkins '92